• In the Beginning...

    Every great story starts with a simple step forward.

Our Story's Main Character - John McMahon

John’s personal journey has been as exciting, as it has been varied; from infantry marksman, to world champion athlete, to successful entrepreneur, to avid scuba diver, to pilot in training and finally a proud husband and father. What has made John’s journey unique has been his ability to apply a results oriented structure to his daily life, utilize his resources at optimal efficiency, identify the right opportunities and act on them. This is John’s system for “Peak Performance” and it turns contenders into champions!

John's athletic career took him around the world and with over a decade of international business development under his belt, John has taken those dynamic and  challenging experiences from across Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia, Central America, Africa and the Middle-East and blended them into the Performance Mindworks system. 

The strength of the system is that it can be used by anyone. Students of the system don’t need to learn a new language or have an advanced understanding of human behaviour to have it work for them. Intentional growth is the only way that individuals can achieve greatness, but complicated methods to get there can be intimidating. The Peak Performance system is an easy to follow, results oriented structure that helps individuals reach their full potential by connecting the dots and providing clarity when it come to establishing laser like focus and prioritization. The end result is clearer decision making, coupled with an action driven approach which leads students of the system to desired outcomes with confidence.

Join the movement and become a Peak Performer!

Intensity & Focus

"Spend the majority of your time focusing on the things you can control. Then focus on the areas where you 
have influence. After that...the tank should be empty."

Just a Few Sample Videos for You to Watch

Peak Performance Workshops

Our workshops can be tailored to any team, group or organization.

Our workshops give participants the systems and structures they need to put themselves on a crash course to achieve outstanding and for some...outrageous results.

Your Mental Picture in 3D...4K

A sharp mental picture of what you want and why will give you clarity. 

Most people take shot and call wherever the shot lands the bullseye. Let's get a clear vision for a target truly matters to you, take aim and then hit a bullseye that counts.

Thrive off Adversity

The tougher things are the more you should love them.

Adversity is the cornerstone for developing strength, resilience, determination and the grit needed to take on all the future challenges you will face.